Boy Scouts

Enjoy the outdoor program and many advancement opportunities available for boys, grade 6 and up.


Jefferson sends their 5th graders to the Central Wisconsin Environmental Center, located in Amherst Junction! The students experience a wide variety of environmental activities provided by the Center's staff with assistance by Jefferson personnel.

Cub Scouts

A program that provides learning experiences for Boys in grades 1 thru 5, including several camping activities.

Girl Scouts

Girls in grades K-6th participating together in various activities and events.

Park And Recreation Teams

A variety of sports are available for students provided there are parent coaches. Currently there are organized teams for soccer, flag football, basketball, T-Ball and baseball.

Peer Mediation/Conflict Resolution

Peer Mediation is a program in which students are given in-depth training in conflict resolution skills designed to help other students solve their conflicts. This is available for students in grades 5 and 6. Peer mediators meet throughout the year with advisors as well as provide peer mediations for students. Other activities they may be involved in are introducing games outside at lunch recess or providing classrooms with a chance to have mediators visit their classrooms. School-based peer mediation provides a time and a place for students who have a disagreement to come together and "talk out" the problem so that they can resolve it. By setting aside a time and a place for resolving conflict, students learn that conflict is natural and acceptable, and they must make some thoughtful choices about managing their own conflict.

Safety Patrol

Safety Patrol is comprised of responsible, respectful and civic minded students who volunteer to assist in keeping Jefferson and FRA students safe as they transition home at the end of the day.

Service Club

The Jefferson Service Club provides an opportunity for students to be involved in the operation of their school. It provides students the chance to learn about the democratic process and to develop leadership skills. The focus is on planning and promoting activities that foster school spirit as well as providing school and community services. The Service Club meets regularly, is led by the officers and is supervised by a faculty advisor.

The Service Club is made up of representatives from the third through sixth grade homerooms. These students also act as liaisons for each of the kindergarten through second grade rooms by providing information and gathering input. The representatives' duties include attending all meetings, taking part in discussions, reporting regularly to their class, keeping an open mind and setting a good example in and out of school.