Reporting Absences

If your child will be absent, please remember to call the school or leave a message before 9:00 a.m. for the morning session and 1:00 p.m. for the afternoon session. When an absence is of a known duration, just one call is necessary. If the illness is of undetermined length, please call before the start of each school day.

If a child becomes ill while at school, parents will be contacted. District guidelines indicate that students with fevers of 100 degrees or higher, or students who have vomited, will be sent home. It is very important that we have current phone numbers and or the names of those individuals who should be contacted if your child becomes ill and needs to be sent home. The Jefferson phone number is (920) 852-5500.

In the case of a communicable disease, in addition to calling Jefferson, please call the Health Department at (920) 832-6429 as soon as the illness is diagnosed.

If your student will be absent more than 3 days or has met their 10 days (includes: illness, tardy and others) of absences for the school year, please fill out the Request for Student Absence Form and turn it in at the office.

Request for Student Absence