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Our School

Making Connections that Count.

Message from the Principal

Welcome to Jefferson Elementary School! Jefferson is located next door to Appleton's scenic Pierce Park and continues to exhibit tremendous pride in its long standing history of excellence, community and rich cultural diversity since 1949.

Jefferson is one of the seven elementary schools in Appleton to be a part of the Achievement Gap Reduction (AGR) Program. The AGR program allows a participating school to meet the obligations of its five-year contract by implementing one of three strategies, or a combination of these strategies in every kindergarten through grade three classroom:

  • one−to−one tutoring provided by a licensed teacher;
  • instructional coaching for teachers provided by a licensed teacher; or
  • maintaining 18:1 or 30:2 classroom ratios and providing professional development on small group instruction.

The AGR program requires a participating school to create performance objectives, including reducing the achievement gap between low−income students in that school and students in the same grade and subject statewide.

Jefferson's incredibly dedicated staff is committed to reflecting on how to enable each student to reach their true academic, emotional, physical and social potential while inspiring them to discover their inner passion to learn.

Jefferson's staff is dedicated to creating a supportive, nurturing environment in which students feel both emotionally and physically safe, thus facilitating students to progress both academically and interpersonally. As a school community, we believe we have a responsibility to teach our students everything they require to become better, more productive members of society. This concept requires skills beyond reading, writing and arithmetic and includes communication, teamwork and work ethics.

Jefferson’s staff utilizes multiple teaching strategies and methods to actively engage children in authentic interactions with the real world and strives to find multiple ways of bridging the "reality gap" between school and life.

Parents are very important at Jefferson. We hope you stay informed about events here and support your child's participation in school activities. The best predictor of a child's school success is a parent's involvement in his/her school experience. 

Your ideas, questions and concerns are important to us. Please feel free to call me at (920) 832-6261 or email me at [email protected]. I am looking forward to a wonderful school year at Jefferson Elementary School.

Please feel welcome to visit and become part of our Jefferson Elementary School Family!

Grades Served

PreK - Grade 6

School Song

"We're the Jefferson Jets We know that we're the best. We're the proud and the bold We're the green and the gold.
Move aside 'cause we've got the pride
And we know we'll stand by her side.
We're the school with the spark by the park,
Jefferson, Jefferson, Jefferson Jets! Yeah!"